September 25, 2017


Take time this Fall to transform your closet from drab to fab by creating a closet that resembles a retail clothing boutique.  You work hard to have nice clothes, shoes and accessories and knowing that each item has a specific place to live in your closet can save you both time and money. Today's fast paced society has us scrambling quickly to get out the door, yet we want to look put together and not disheveled.  An organized closet is essential to help you start your day off quickly.   These steps below will keep you organized and help you breeze through your morning stress free and ready to take on your day with confidence. 


1)  Matching hangers. Matching hangers will instantly create a neat and tidy look.  I like the black velvet huggable hangers which keep the clothes from falling off and holds clothing in it's original form. Having all clothing facing the same direction will also keep things tidy. Tip:  Turn the hangers with the top facing front in the beginning so you know what clothing you wear over time.  In 6-9 months the clothes that are still facing that direction indicate that you haven't worn them and that they are taking up vital closet real-estate. 




2) Organizing by sleeve size and color. It helps to keep like items with other like items.  Short sleeved shirts can get lost amongst long sleeved shirts so it is important to keep them separated so they can be found quickly rather than having to rummage through the clothing rack several times (saves valuable time). 


3) Once you have organized by sleeve size, it is a good idea to organize by color (lightest to darkest).   This can be eye opening once you see how many white shirts or black shirts you own. This also helps eliminate a potential frivolous future purchase.  Having a good understanding of your closet inventory will help allocate clothing budgets accordingly and give you a clear picture of what you have and what may be missing. 


4) Baskets and bins can really pull a closet together.  Aim for neutrals that you can bring color into through the label(s) if you like.  First you need to know what you are putting in the bins so you can size the containers correctly according what is being put in them.  Next, make sure the bins you choose will fit on the shelf properly and not hang over the edge too much. Putting heavier items down below is important to reduce potential injury. 




5) Want to see all the contents in your drawers?  We have a solution for that!  Many of us were taught to fold and then stack t-shirts on top of each other so only the top one is exposed. This doesn't give a good visual of what you have in your drawer and can lead to a messy drawer quickly. Instead of stacking vertically, try folding shirts, tanks and/or leggings by stacking horizontally were the edges show so you can pull one shirt out at a time and see your entire inventory at one glance.  This is a huge time-saver when you are in a rush to get out the door. 





6) Shoes.  Arrange shoes according to color, style and heel.  Boots should be with boots, platforms should be with platforms and flip-flops should be housed together as well.  This gives a good picture of what you have and where things are. Tip: To keep boots upright, use an old wine-bottle turned upside down to keep boots from flopping over. 







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September 25, 2017

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